Infinity Doughnut

Katie Ward

Inspired by Katie Ward's creation process, I decided to create a lighting score in that same method. A design I could interpret & perform along with the dancers. Interested in the way we all feel lighting instead of the way we all see lighting the result, like the piece is always in motion, constantly evolving, and is connected to everything, the music, the dance, the audience, the venue.


Dance Collaborators: Audrée Juteau, Patrick Lamothe, Dany Desjardins & Peter Trosztmer

Sound Composition: Michael Feuerstack

Lighting Design: Paul Chambers

Conception sonore : Jacques Poulin-Denis

Dramaturge: k.g. Guttman

Artistic Advisor: Kathy Casey

Photos: Svetla Atanasova

"The music of Michael Feuerstack is almost the spine of the piece, helping bring a dynamic to it in its diverse sources and patterns. From bouncy electronic music to scrapping ambient noise, the music opened the possibilities of interpretation. Plus the live lighting creation by Paul Chambers gave a sense of both support and spirit guide to the experience. This kind of work falls apart quickly without trust and extremely strong collaboration and this group has it in beautiful abundance."

- Chad Dembski | The Charlebois Post | November 28, 2014

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