Densité d'un moment

Floor Rider & Tonik


Choreography: Emily Honegger & Geneviève Gagné

Dancers: David Albert-Toth, Joe Danny Aurélien, Jean-François Légaré, Julie Tymchuk, Emily Honegger & Geneviève Gagné

Lighting Design: Paul Chambers

Sound Design: Jacques Poulin-Denis

Rehearsal Director: Sophie Michaud

Photos : Sandra-Lyne Bélanger & Frederic Chais

"One is first hit, before the show even begins, by the high amount of theatrical smoke pouring into the space. It was so dense and intense it was actually hard to see the other side of the space at times and led to deeper curiosity of what awaited. Instantly I was struck by the tall, sharp spears of light filling the space and creating a new architecture for the dancers. They played in and around this light, exploring the possibilities of its shape, contour and effect. The piece began to engage further once the performers interacted with each other and developed relationships. At times there were fleeting moments when the pulsing and exhilarating music by Jacques Poulin-Denis (a fantastic choreographer and dancer himself) helped anchor the piece. In what may have seemed an overwhelming amount of lighting changes and dramatic music, it actually helped bring out an original quality to the piece as it progressed. It was a fantastic example of a creative team working together in collaboration to bring out the best qualities in each other's work."

- Chad Dembski | The Charlebois Post | September 19, 2014

"Choreographers Geneviève Gagné and Emily Honegger present Densité d'un moment, a visually breathtaking and impeccably performed piece that brings urban and contemporary dance aesthetics together in a darkly surreal and highly original manner."

- Hélène Simard | Danscussions | November 30, 2013

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